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Why responsive web design is important to increases visibility on search engines

03 Oct

As the time is passing, the technology is growing day by day. Firstly we were using a personal computer with a desktop for collecting the information on the web, and now we are using tablet and mobile phone. The thing is as the technology grows it changes the device we use. Now we use Tablets, Laptop, Mobile phones for collecting the information from the internet.

How the responsive web design concept came

We visit different websites for different information. But if the website is not looking good on the device we are using we probably end the surfing and visit another website. Now people don’t have time to zoom the website to read the information, they just want to see the information and articles or whatever in the front. So the concept of Responsive Web design came. We cannot design separate websites for separate devices. But a responsive website can solve the problem. It transforms the design of website according to the device. Responsive web design works on user interface and user experience. The practice of responsive web design is suitable for any kind of device. It improves the user experience and connects with the user.

Responsive web design looks great on every device. Either you use it on phone or tablet or Laptop. It transforms its design according to the device and gives you an awesome experience. The entire main search engine recommends the responsive design. Responsive web design also helps you in Search Engine ranking and SEO.

The common and most used technology used in responsive web design is through Bootstrap CSS. But there are some principles used in this technology, which change the size and pattern of images and text. The below rules are used in CSS 3 media queries which are responsible for the success of this technology.

  1. The Fluid grid concept changes the element size in percentage or pixels.
  2. The flexible or Fluid image changes the images and prevents them to go outside of their element.
  3. Media Queries allow the web page to call different CSS based on the device.

*Important – If you are not using responsive web design for your business website, you probably lose customers, because Google recommends responsive web design for Search ranking. It can be a nightmare for your business.

Designing multiple websites for multiple devices is a tedious task and it can probably not cost effective also. With responsive web design technology, you just have to design one website and you are all set with all device. The designs of responsive websites are also very impressive.

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